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The Best Affordable Vinyl Flooring Store, Brampton

The Best Affordable Vinyl Flooring Store, Brampton

If you want the luxurious expensive look of marble, hardwood, ceramic, or stone, without the cost attached to it, then our affordable vinyl flooring is the perfect option for you. What makes Decor Floors Brampton vinyl flooring a great option is its durability as well as being both scratch and water-resistant, not to mention its affordability. If you’re looking for the best affordable vinyl flooring store in Brampton, Decor Floors is where it’s at.

There are three popular types of vinyl flooring, peel and stick, plank, and sheet. The variety will blow your mind, from ceramic look-alikes to realistic-looking hardwood. Vinyl flooring comes in a wide range of colors, styles, and designs. It is water resistant and can handle everyday wear and tear, which makes it great for those spaces that have a lot of foot traffic.

  • Plank Flooring Rich and deep in its texture and mimics the look of real hardwood without the cost.
  • Sheet Flooring Perfect for larger spaces and really easy to maintain.
  • Peel and Stick Flooring – Tiles are removable and super easy to install. The perfect choice for smaller spaces and a great DIY project on a rainy weekend.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

The majority of vinyl plank flooring contains a foam core that gives it strength and rigidity. This type of flooring is easy to install with its click-and-lock method and can be installed over already existing flooring. Some benefits of vinyl plank flooring are:

  • Luxury vinyl flooring types that are 100% waterproof
  • Great for spaces like bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and high-traffic areas
  • Adds the warmth and comfort of real wood
  • Adding an underlayment minimizes sound, enhances comfort, and absorbs shock

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Just as the name suggests, vinyl sheet flooring comes in a roll approximately 6 – 12 feet wide. Our sheet flooring is offered in an array of colors and designs. Due to the fiberglass core, this flooring will not crack, contract, or expand. There are three different types of backing when it comes to our sheet flooring, each requiring a different installation technique.

  • Adhesive – This typically has a felt back and requires that the entire floor be covered with adhesive or glue
  • Modified Loose Lay – This flooring has a fiberglass backing and no adhesive is required
  • Vinyl Back – This flooring only requires to be glued at the corners but is strongly recommended that it be professionally installed

Peel and Stick Vinyl Flooring

Peel and stick flooring is great for all you DIYers. This type of flooring can be bought in either tile or plank form and is great for smaller spaces. Line up the tiles along the room edges, make precise and accurate cuts for proper fitting, and with the adhesive backing it makes for easy installment.

  • Peel-and-stick vinyl flooring is great for both residential and commercial spaces. The low-gloss finish makes it easy to clean and maintain
  • Make sure that you purchase all your tiles or planks from the same lot. Even if they are labeled the same design or color, there could be slight differences in shade between lots.

Vinyl Flooring Maintenance

Decor Floors Brampton vinyl flooring is super easy to maintain and requires no wax or polish. The majority of vinyl flooring has a clear wear layer which protects against typical household stains. Some brands of vinyl flooring also protect against things like mustard, ketchup, permanent marker, and other tough stains. To keep your Decor Floors vinyl flooring looking clean and new be sure to follow these simple steps:

  • Use a pH-neutral cleaner
  • Do not steam clean or use a vacuum with a beater bar
  • Regularly dust, sweep, and use a damp mop
  • If you own a pet ensure you keep their nails trimmed
  • Use flat floor protectors on all furniture legs
  • Promptly remove any and all spilled liquids – even if it’s water resistant

Decor Floors Brampton offers a wide variety of affordable residential and commercial flooring to choose from. Our experienced and exceptional staff are here to assist you in choosing the perfect vinyl flooring. Once you’ve made your choice our expert licensed installers are ready to install your brand-new vinyl flooring. Give Decor Floors Brampton a call today, we can’t wait to hear from you!