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Floor and Wall Tiles Flooring Store in Mississauga

Floor and Wall Tiles Flooring Store in Mississauga

Tile, whether on the floor or wall, is huge right now. It’s strong, durable, versatile, and comes in so many options. It really is a work of art and will last decades with minimal care. Some have posed the question as to whether or not all tile is equal or if there is a tile that is specifically designated for the wall or the floor.

While the majority of tile out there can be used for both floor and wall the only real distinction comes down to how slippery and how solid the tile is. If you are unsure of which tile to use in your home the friendly knowledgeable staff at Decor Floors are here to help you out.


Wall Tiles: Aesthetically the only difference between wall and floor tile is the size. Because the tile is on the wall and being installed vertically the pieces need to be smaller.

Floor Tiles: Floor tiles can be as large as 18″x18″. The only time you’ll see smaller pieces for the floor tile is when it comes to mosaic.

Water and Heat Resistance

Wall Tiles: When it comes to water resistance both ceramic and porcelain wall tiles are equal. However, with countertops, the tile is a little thinner which makes it less resistant to heat.

Floor Tiles:  Floor tiles are thicker and more resistant to heat.

Durability and Maintenance

Wall Tiles: Wall tiles are thinner than floor tiles so while they are durable as wall tiles they shouldn’t be used on the floor as they could crack due to heavy foot traffic.

Floor Tiles: Floor tiles are thicker so they are extremely durable and can be used either on the floor or the wall.


Wall Tiles: Because the tile is thinner just a simple score and snap cutter can be used which makes for a very easy installation

Floor Tiles: Floor tiles are thicker and may require help from a wet saw


The cost for both wall and floor tiles is roughly the same. The more design and intricate you want to go the more costly it may get. Overall tile flooring is still a relatively budget-friendly flooring option. And if properly maintained both wall and floor tile will last decades making it a great investment.

If you want functional, durable, and versatile flooring then you need Decor Floors. Call and get your free quote today! We’d love to hear from you. Come and visit our showcase store in Mississauga and get a hands-on and up-close and personal view and feel of all our flooring options. Give us a call today!

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