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Affordable Laminate Flooring in Mississauga

Affordable Laminate Flooring in Mississauga

Laminate flooring is an affordable, high-performing option to incorporate the look of wood into your home or office. Laminate is the perfect budget-friendly flooring option for high-traffic areas. If you’re looking for affordable, durable, and easy-to-maintain flooring, Décor Floors is here for you.

Whether building a house from scratch or remodeling the dining room, choosing the right flooring can be quite a challenge, especially when working within a budget. You want to create that stunning solid hardwood or classic tile look without having to pay for the actual material. The good news is that you have options: laminate flooring. Laminate was created to match almost any style or design at a fraction of the cost.

Laminate flooring typically mimics natural wood and stone, but in all honesty, the possibility of new styles and designs is endless. Whether the tone of the room is cool and contemporary or rich and elegant we guarantee a floor style for you.

Advantages of Laminate Flooring

  • Affordable: Laminate flooring is mostly made up of composite wood that is pressed together at a remarkably high temperature. It is significantly more cost-effective than natural solid wood.
  • Resilience: Not only does the makeup of this flooring make it extremely hard-wearing but the top layer also is scratch-resistant. This allows the flooring to withstand constant foot traffic from busy families, young lively children, and pets with claws. Laminate is also UV resistant which means that it won’t fade with time.
  • Gorgeous Appearance: Due to developments in the technology of laminate flooring it is becoming increasingly more difficult to distinguish between real natural wood and laminate. A lot of laminate floors incorporate a unique bossing that allows it to mimic both the texture and appearance of actual wood.
  • Maintenance: Keeping your laminate floor has never been so easy. With a simple soft microfibre cloth spills are easily wiped up and cleaning is as easy as a quick sweep or vacuum.
  • Easy Installation: Installation is so easy that even you can do it. Laminate flooring is simply held together through a lock-together system.

Laminate flooring manufacturers have worked diligently over the years to improve the look and feel of laminate. Some laminate flooring can last for a good 25 years, which makes it an even greater return on your investment. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning all you need is a broom and a damp mop to keep the lush look of this flooring.

Decor Floors has helped people for decades bring new life back into their homes through new flooring. We have the biggest inventory of flooring with so many choices to choose from that we guarantee there is something for everyone. Give us a call for your free no-obligation quote or visit us at our showroom and see for yourself all we have to offer. We would love to see you!

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