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"Carpet is the most cost effective option that is perfect for any room of your home with none or little sub-floor preparation or elaborate moldings."



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Why Carpet Flooring?

Carpets offer durability while adding a softer touch to any setting; one of the most commonly known flooring options with versatility, comfort, and health benefits. Carpet is comfortable, generally easier to install and replace than other floor coverings, offers great value. Carpet offers you years of warmth, beauty and softness; and is much quieter than any other floor covering. With a wide variety of styles, textures, patterns and colours, it makes a perfect choice for any home décor.

The most common materials used for carpet fibers are:

Decor Floors carries carpets of different types of fibres: Wool, nylon, olefin, polyester or Sorona aka Smartstrand– each type of fibre has its own benefits and can better address your specific needs.

  • Nylon: Nylon is an excellent choice for all traffic areas because it is durable, static-free, stain-resistant and repels mildew. Nylon also keeps its fiber height - so it can withstand the weight of both people and furniture. 75% of all carpet is made of nylon and compared to the fibres summarized here.
  • Olefin (polypropylene): Olefin is strong, easy to clean and resists both moisture and mildew. For those reasons, it is commonly used both outdoors and indoors as well as in artificial sports turf. Olefin is best suited for low traffic area.
  • Polyester: A great-looking carpet option, and less expensive than wool or nylon. Polyester is commonly used in soft loop piles or Berber loops, making carpets that are luxurious and crush-resistant. Polyester is best suited for low traffic area.
  • Wool: Soft fibers with a rich, luxurious feel that maintain their fiber height well. The major downside is its price, but wool is also less moisture-resistant than synthetics and tends to fray.

What is Carpet made of?

A carpet is a textile floor covering consisting of an upper layer of "pile" attached to a backing. The pile is generally either made from wool or a manmade fibre. Carpet can be made from many single or blended natural and synthetic fibres. Fibres are chosen for durability, appearance, ease of manufacture, and cost.

At Decor Floors, we carry several different styles: textured , frieze, Saxony, Berber, Cut Pile Berber

  • Saxony:A dense level cut pile. The tufts are closely packed and give a smooth look.
  • Textured: The tufts are twisted or curled bringing out a textured surface
  • Frieze:A type of textured carpet, highly twisted at pile surface.
  • Looped / Berber:Also known as loop, this carpet style forms loops at multiple levels generating beautiful patterns and high durability
  • Cut & Loop / Pattern:This category comes with maximum versatility in design, generated by the mixing loops & cut pile and different levels.


Proper maintenance and care for your carpets will keep them looking and feeling brand new for years to come. Proper maintenance will also protect your investment.

  • Placing glides under your furniture and rotating furniture will help reduce pressure on the carpet.
  • Be very careful when moving furniture, left properly when possible— do not drag.
  • Keep pet’s claws well groomed.
  • Keep long periods of sun exposure to a minimum. This will help to minimize fading
  • Use doormats to prevent outside dirt from being tracked onto your new carpet.
  • To prevent matting, vacuum your carpet regularly.
  • Vacuuming will not decrease stain resistance treatments.
  • Keep your vacuum well-maintained— change the bag/filter regularly— so it does an effective job.
  • Clean up spills and dirt as soon as possible to keep them setting in and damaging the fibres.
  • If you get a stain, blot the spot with a white cloth from the inside out, as soon as possible so it does not set. Don’t rub or scrub. Use a mild dishwashing liquid and plenty of water.
  • If you feel the need to use a cleaning solvent on your carpet, do a spot test first on a small Isolated area.

Have your carpet cleaned professionally (steam cleaned) at least every 12 months, more often if the carpet is a light shade or is subject to heavy traffic.