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"These highly durable vinyl flooring planks come in ultra-realistic wood and tile looks, are waterproof (great for bathrooms, kitchens and mudrooms), have a great warmth and texture under your feet, and install with "peel-and-stick" or click-together ease."



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Why Vinyl Flooring?

The colors and pattern options that are available with vinyl flooring are nearly endless. Solid and composite vinyl can be combined to create a number of unique, random patterns. Printed vinyl is even more versatile, allowing you to recreate the look of natural stone, hardwood, or any other material you can think of. You can even mix and match material facades to make it look like you’ve combined different elements in your floor.

Resilient Flooring

Resilient flooring is a combination of dramatic, authentic-looking visuals— like slate, limestone, wood, sisal and linen—with durability and easy maintenance. Resilient flooring is also very versatile and a breeze to install. From high traffic kitchens to extreme moisture prone bathrooms, it has been the most popular choice for many years.

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl flooring is layered construction available in six or 12-foot wide rolled sheets. Sheet vinyl is available in many different qualities, which are distinguished based on the colour variation, realistic visuals and feel, finish layer and the type of backing.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are available as individual tiles and are available in various looks and sizes, like 8x8, 12x12, 16x16, or even planks that imitate the most appealing hardwoods. The tiles and planks have the advantage of reducing the wastage factor and taking away the requirement of sealing the not so perfect seams.

Cushion floor/ fibre floor 

Cushion floor/ fibre floor is one of the recent inventions in sheet vinyl. It has fiberglass backing, which makes the product dimensionally more stable, allowing it to lay flat and suitable for loose lay installation. Another good feature of this product is that it is not affected by moisture, unlike the felt back vinyl.

Marmoleum/ Linoleum

Marmoleum/ linoleum is a natural product made primarily from renewable resources, including linseed oil and pine rosins. Besides creating a healthy, chemical free environment, it also provides a beautiful environment, as it is available in a large array of colours, which can be mixed together to achieve various patterns.

Sheet Marmoleum is mostly found in commercial areas including hospitals, multiplexes and malls to mention a few uses. It is a very easy to install and maintain flooring.

Marmoleum Click is produced of natural linoleum on water repellent HDF with a cork layer backing for an ecologically and acoustically sound solution. The panels and squares easily click into place for a secure, glue less installation so that there are no chemicals or coatings with fumes and gases.

These features make it ideal floor covering for people with asthma and allergies. In fact, Marmoleum Click is the first flooring product to be awarded the asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification.



Proper maintenance and care for your vinyl floors will keep them looking great for years to come. Proper maintenance will also protect your investment.

  • Vinyl flooring is the easiest to maintain amongst all flooring choices.
  • Use doormats to prevent outside dirt from being tracked onto your new floors
  • Protect your floors against dropping heavy or sharp objects, as it is prone to gouges and cuts
  • Keep pets’ claws well groomed
  • Stick clean felt pads or wide based castersunder the furniture to prevent scratches
  • Be very careful when moving furniture, lift properly when possible— do not drag
  • Invest in a good quality broom and sweep your floors regularly
  • Routine dry dusting or a mild wet mopping keeps the floor new for a long time
  • Don't use ammonia based cleaners or vinegar and water on vinyl floors as they may dull the shine
  • Don't use abrasive cleaning pads on your vinyl flooring as they can scratch and damage the finish

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use area rugs or mats on my vinyl flooring?
A: Yes, you can use area rugs on your vinyl flooring, as long as they are labelled “colourfast” by the manufacturer. Decor Floors recommends non-staining, vinyl-backed mats or woven rugs. We do not recommend the use of rubber- or latex-backed mats because the chemical (antioxidant) used to keep the backing from becoming brittle can permanently stain your floor.

 Q: Where can I install vinyl flooring?
A: Vinyl flooring can be installed in any room, on any level of your home.

 Q: Do I need to roll my floor after installation?
A: Rolling vinyl flooring after installation is always recommended. Be sure to roll the flooring from the centre to the outside edges. With 12" X 12" vinyl tile, rolling activates the pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back of each tile, ensuring the bond to the subfloor.

 Q: How can I conceal the seams in my sheet vinyl flooring?
To conceal the seams in your vinyl sheet flooring, run a bead of seam sealer (clear) on top of the seam. This creates a virtually seamless floor and prevents the seams from opening.

 Q: What is ambering, for marmoleum floors?
A: Many of Marmoleum’s attributes are the result of the continued oxidation of the natural linseed oil used to make Marmoleum Click. During the process of producing Marmoleum, oxidation may result in a yellowish cast, known as ambering, on the product. The visual discolouration is temporary. When exposed to light, the ambering disappears. This process takes a few hours in bright sunlight and longer in artificial light. Applying a finish to the surface, such as Forbo Marmoleum Finish, will not prevent the ambering process.

 Q: What are the health and hygiene benefits of a Marmoleum floor?
A: Marmoleum Click can make life easier for people with allergies and respiratory disorders.  Because Marmoleum Click has anti-static properties and a smooth surface, cleaning is quick and simple. These properties help prevent the accumulation of dust mites, which is one of the major triggers for allergies, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. Marmoleum Click is also bacteriostatic, which means it prevents micro-organisms such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and MRSA from multiplying. Marmoleum has been tested by two independent scientific institutes (TNO and NAMSA) for these bactericidal properties. That is why Marmoleum is so popular in hospitals.

 Q: What are the disadvantages of having a vinyl floor?
A: Vinyl tile has a lower life expectancy: Vinyl tile might not last as long as hardwood, ceramic tile or linoleum. Vinyl tile is subject to gouging and tearing Resilient flooring or vinyl is easier to gouge and tear than ceramic tile. In higher traffic areas, be sure to install thicker vinyl flooring for better performance. Vinyl tile does not enhance the monetary value of a home as much as stone or ceramic tiles would.