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Brampton | Mississauga Affordable Flooring

Brampton | Mississauga Affordable Flooring

Style your home or office beautifully and perfectly with the style and elegance of Decor Floors Mississauga. Although our office and showroom are located in Mississauga, if you live in the Brampton area you can choose your new flooring from the comfort and convenience of your own home. One of our exceptional, friendly sales staff will be more than happy to come visit you at your home or office, with a variety of samples in hand, and help you choose your new perfect floor.

Decor Floors Mississauga is a trusted and reputable flooring company. We have hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Mississauga and Brampton and we look forward to assisting you in your next flooring purchase. Don’t just dream about new flooring in your home or office, make it a reality with Decor Floors’ affordable flooring. Find the flooring you love at prices you’ll love.

If you want to work with a top-quality supplier, with a great reputation, exceptional work ethic, and a vast array of styles and designs then Decor Floors is the flooring company you’ve been looking for. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Decor Floors Brampton is here to assist you in choosing and installing the perfect flooring for your home or office.


If you want flooring that is durable and cost-effective, as well as comfortable and soft to walk on, carpet is the flooring for you. Flooring is very underrated but is quite multi-functional. If you like the retro feel of shag carpeting we have it but we also have modern versions as well.

Benefits of carpet flooring:

  • Extra safety for elderly loved ones and children as carpet helps to prevent slips and falls
  • If you have young children at home who love to run about, the carpet absorbs the sound and lessens the noise
  • During those cold winter months, carpet offers you warmth and comfort
  • Carpet comes in a variety of colors and patterns that will add style to any home or office


Tile is the perfect choice for commercial spaces as it is extremely durable and easy to clean. Tile is also great in a bathroom, as a kitchen backsplash, or in the mud room as it can handle moisture. Tile can keep a room cooler as it doesn’t retain heat as well as add visual appeal. Tile flooring is also water-resistant and waterproof.


If you want a hardwood alternative laminate is the flooring for you. Laminate is durable, scratch-resistant, and in most cases moisture and stain-resistant. Laminate flooring has been growing in popularity and you can find it in almost any and every space both residential and commercial. Laminate flooring is also very easy to install.


If your home or office is more high traffic you will want to go with vinyl. Vinyl comes with a PVC layer that offers that extra layer of protection that is great for high-traffic areas. The PVC layer also gives vinyl flooring the durability, stain, water, and scratch resistance that you’ll love.


People love hardwood because it’s a classic, and when taken care of properly it can last for decades. Decor Floors carries a variety of hardwoods that will add class and elegance to any space. Hardwood has a reputation prestige, so when you add hardwood to your home or office you’re also adding value.

Decor Floors has helped people for decades bring new life back into their homes through new flooring. We have the biggest inventory of flooring with so many choices to choose from that we guarantee there is something for everyone. Give us a call for your free no-obligation quote or visit us at our showroom and see for yourself all we have to offer. We would love to see you!

Choose Decor Floors – Experience the Difference

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff
  • Sample Check-Out Service
  • In-home Consultations
  • Guaranteed Installation
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You have the option to shop from home or at our conveniently located showroom in Mississauga. For commercial clients: Transform your business with a new floor from Decor Floors, we are open for contractors as well. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are a hardwood flooring contractor and would like to open an account with us.