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Low Price Cork Flooring - Decor Floors - Mississauga

Low Price Cork Flooring – Decor Floors – Mississauga

At Decor Floors Mississauga we call cork flooring the perfect floor. It’s esthetically pleasing, easy to care for, and soft and warm to the touch. It’s quiet yet can handle heavy traffic such as high heels, pets, and kids. Cork flooring is made from the bark of living oak trees. This makes cork flooring completely natural and environmentally friendly. By grounding up the cork, compressing it, and then turning it into sheets bonded by resin, turns your oak tree into cork flooring.

Benefits of Cork Flooring

  • Environmentally Friendly – The raw material for cork flooring comes from living trees which regrow their bark once it’s been harvested. This is much more efficient than actually cutting down the entire tree which is done when making natural hardwood flooring.
  • Natural Acoustic Insulation – Due to the soft and porous nature of cork it makes it the ideal flooring to reduce noise in your home. If you’ve ever been to a musical studio or venue they use cork on their walls to help reduce the transfer of noise and sound absorption.
  • Thermal Insulation – If you’re looking for flooring that will help keep your room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer then cork flooring is for you. This also helps save money on your energy bill.
  • Fire Resistant – Cork is naturally fire resistant. It won’t burn as easily as other types of flooring. Cork comes from the bark of the tree which is what protects trees from forest fires.

Natural Cork Flooring

Natural cork flooring has incredible acoustic and thermal qualities. Natural cork flooring is a lightweight and beautiful option. It is hypoallergenic, warm to the touch, fire and insect-resistant, easy to maintain, and moisture-resistant. It is super easy to install which is great news if you like to do things yourself, and is ideal for spaces such as bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms.

If you are looking to be environmentally friendly and live more sustainably then cork flooring is the perfect flooring for you. Cork flooring is both a naturally occurring and renewable source that can be harvested year after year. As soon as the cork has been harvested from the bark the tree begins to replenish itself. It is a completely all-natural product. Because cork flooring is durable, beautiful, and green, it has gained huge popularity over the years.

Cork Floor Maintenance

  • Dry dust or vacuum regularly
  • Wipe up spills quickly with a cloth or sponge
  • Damp mop with mild hardwood cleaner
  • Never use a wet mop or highly acidic or alkaline cleaners

Why Choose Cork Flooring

  • Durable: Not only is cork flooring resistant to cracks and abrasions but when installed properly it won’t easily absorb gas and liquid. Cork can also potentially bounce back from indentations left by furniture. Cork flooring will last a minimum of 40 years when properly maintained.
  • Comfortable: Cork flooring feels like a cushion under your feet. As a natural insulator cork flooring also adds to the atmosphere of a room, making it feel warm and inviting.
  • Healthy: Cork flooring is healthier as it is naturally resistant to mold. mildew, and termites. Cork flooring also has anti-microbial qualities.  It also doesn’t produce gases or shed fibers.
  • Attractive Designs: Cork flooring comes in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

As a building material cork has a very low impact on the environment compared to other materials. The harvesting process is ecosystem friendly as the trees need to be at least 25 years of age and then it is harvested every 8 to 14 years without harming the tree. Then there’s the manufacturing process which produces very minimal waste. If you are looking for flooring that is truly eco and environmentally friendly and that helps reduce your carbon footprint cork flooring is the perfect flooring option.