Carpets and Area Rugs on SALE in Mississauga and Brampton

Mississauga and Brampton Carpet Sale

Mississauga and Brampton Carpet Sale

Adding carpet or an area rug to any space can add such warmth and comfort. With the vast variety that Decor Floors offers the options are endless as we guarantee something for everyone. Wanna add that splash of color or a touch of cool design? Decor Floors has got you covered.

Carpet flooring offers you comfort and softness that no other flooring options can give you. Carpet flooring not only adds character but has benefits as well. When you choose carpet you’re choosing comfort and because there’s such a variety of colors and designs you can also make a statement.

The visual appeal of an area rug can add that finishing touch to your home decor. An area rug can be the finishing touch to the decor you already have or it can be the centerpiece to a room that sets the style. Area rugs can also offer protection to your floor either from daily wear and tear or from heavy furniture when placed underneath.

Area Rugs

Reimagine your space with a new area rug from Decor Floors. Add some color, or texture and design to your space. Complete your style or let it be your starting point. An area rug can even add that little bit of extra protection to your floor in a heavy traffic room or if you have weighty furniture and you don’t want to have dents on your floor. So many colors and designs to choose from.


Carpet can have you feeling all the feels. It adds comfort, softness, dimension, and luxury to a room. Whether it’s a short-haired or shaggy rug we have something for everyone. It offers comfort and safety for your littles or elderly, and there are also options for stain resistance and pet-friendly carpets. The possibilities are endless and we guarantee that they will last for years to come.

If you’re wanting functionality, versatility, and durability, when it comes to your flooring then you need Decor Floors. Want a free quote? Give us a call! Come visit our showroom and get an up close and personal look at what we really have to offer. The options we offer will blow you away. We hope to see you soon!

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You have the option to shop from home or at our conveniently located showroom in Mississauga. For commercial clients: Transform your business with a new floor from Decor Floors, we are open for contractors as well. Please contact us if you are a hardwood flooring contractor and would like to open an account with us.